Saturday, March 13, 2010

DIY: Sweater {upcycle it}

So, I got a little distracted, and I didn't end up finish the bikini. YET. I got the top done, and just started working on the bottoms, when I found a few other articles of clothing that I wanted to mess with. This is one of them (I have a dress that I did as well, and I'll be posting that . . . well, sometime). Don't blame me, blame my BCBG app on my ipod. I saw this cute sweater, and I realized I had everything I needed to make it, so I did. Here's a picture of it (visit for details):

All you need to make this is one sweater (it can be any color, really, but make sure the torso and arms are small on you, or cut and hem them to make them shorter) and one t-shirt that you're willing to tear up (again, any color, though I would make sure it looks good with the sweater).

Step 1) Make your sweater into a v-neck. Just put it on, and place a few needles in the material where you want your v-neck to stop; I made my own fairly modest, I don't want to run around with my boobs flying out of my top. Take the sweater off and cut the material, using your needles as your guide.

Step 2) Hem the raw edges of the v-neck.

Step 2) Now we turn our attention to the t-shirt. Cut off about four inches or so from the bottom of your t-shirt; make sure not to cut the original t-shirt hem. Do the same thing with the t-shirt's sleeves, and cut off the same amount of material, taking care not to cut the original hem.

Step 3) Turn your sweater inside out. Make sure the t-shirt material is also turned inside out. Attach the material removed from the bottom of the t-shirt to the bottom of the sweater, and pin it in place. Do the same with the sweater's sleeves.

Step 4) Sew everything in place and turn your new, upcyled cweater right-side out (note: the t-shirt may be too large for the sweater, in which case, all you have to do is cut off the excess t-shirt, and sew the material back together).

My own finished product (excuse the frazzled, bed-head hair; I'm pretty sick right now): I wore the sweater with skinny jeans and a silver Forever 21 necklace.

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