Friday, March 5, 2010

DIY: Skinny Jeans {made from those pesky baggy ones}

Okay, for my first official DIY, how about something pretty simple? Making skinny jeans. You can take any jeans and make them into skinnies, honestly. They can be your's, your father's, your boyfriends, etc. It doesn't matter. For my own, I chose jeans that belonged to me and were my waste size, but were really baggy (and unflattering) and flared at the leg. Here was my result: 


 Step 1) Get your baggy/unflattering/outdated jeans. Turn them inside out and put them on, then pin the sides together close to your legs (as close as you think they should be, depending on how "skinny" you like your skinnes to be). I used safety pins so that I would be able to take them off easily before sewing, and because the jeans still fit me somewhat-well in the thighs, I only pinned the jeans up to about my knees (even though you can't see it very well in the image below).

Step 2) Take the jeans off, keeping them inside-out, and lie them flat on the ground. You can then sew them up to where the pins end (if you want to sew only up until the knee like I did, then making sure that your stitches end where the original stitches begin, at the seam, so that when you cut the material it doesn't look awkward).

Step 3) Once you're all done sewing, you can cut off all the extra material. Make sure that you don't cut too close to your stitches, because the material might fray.


Step 4) Flip your jeans right-side-out, and try them on. I liked the way my first pair turned out, so much so that I made a second pair! Leave comments as tor how yours turn out. Below are both of my new pairs of skinny jeans.

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