Saturday, January 8, 2011


Soooo, after Christmas and everything is already over, I had a friend tell me that she bought me something and is sending it to me. We used to be really good friends before we both moved from our old school. Now she lives in Illinois. Okay, so the dilemma here is that I have no money. None. I don't work, so my influx of the green stuff is seriously limited, but if I didn't get her something after she went through the trouble of buying me something I would feel bad. So, I went out and bought this cute pink jacket with a gift card I got for Christmas to Old Navy. I then tossed in an adorable scarf that I would rather die than be parted with, and a pair of gloves that . . . aren't so great. AND I baked this cute little chocolate cake.

And then I put it in this adorable tin. I basically just baked the cake, and used the tin to cut the cake into the perfect shape and then slid the cake in. Once it was in, I iced it and topped with sprinkles. It makes such a cute personalized gift. The cake was a box mix, but she doesn't need to know that.